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Amul: The butter, the raconteur: Best of ’08/09

Amul- the legendary Indian butter, has continued to churn out some amazing ads that capture the zeitgeist, from the Beijing Olympics to the US Presidential Inauguration. To see some of their earlier work and understand their brand philosophy, check out my last post on Amul.

So here we go, with the best of 08/09…

“The true artist has the planet for his pedestal; the adventurer, after years of strife, has nothing broader than his shoes”- The Bush shoe incident

A surprise visit by US President George Bush to Iraq has been overshadowed by an incident in which two shoes were thrown at him during a news conference. (BBC)

Muntadar Al-Zaidi’s attack was launched with the words “this is a farewell kiss, you dog”. He launched two size-10 shoes at Bush, who was swift enough to duck them. In the Arab world, showing someone the sole of your shoe is considered a grave insult. So this farewell gesture was a  sign of utter contempt for Bush.

Credit to W, he managed to pull some sheepish smiles after the incident. The comedy channels will have a field day with this after running dry since Obamamania.