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One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. ~Luciano Pavarotti

Chocolate- “Vital, vital to every child”

choc kid According to Roald Dahl, children should learn history through chocolate.

” I don’t know why children at school, instead of learning 1066 william the 1st and all the rest of it, why don’t they learn 1932 Mars bar, 1934 Malteser, 1935 Aero…these are worth knowing, these dates…they’re vital, vital to every child…who cares about William the 1st?”

Don’t think I’ve ever agreed more with anyone, on anything.


Amul: The butter, the raconteur: Best of ’08/09

Amul- the legendary Indian butter, has continued to churn out some amazing ads that capture the zeitgeist, from the Beijing Olympics to the US Presidential Inauguration. To see some of their earlier work and understand their brand philosophy, check out my last post on Amul.

So here we go, with the best of 08/09…

Have a break…Have a Kit-Kat

Chocopologie, Amedei Porceleana, the Italian white truffle. These delectable desserts are designed to evoke excruciatingly pleasurable sensations in the palate. Apparently, every whiff, every bite, every tongue twirl releases rushes of dopamine, triggering euphoria. I use the word apparently because I can’t be certain; these are some of the world’s most expensive desserts, ranging from 1000$-3500$ a dish. For an equally divine culinary journey that doesn’t require generational wealth, try the following:

*Required: 1 bar of standard-issue Nestle (sorry Americans, in the US it’s made by Hershey’s 😦 ) Kit-Kat, 1 mug of hot coffee, 2 sugars

Break off one bar of Kit-Kat. Feel every sensation, the rustling of the wrapper as the chocolate is unsheathed, the crack of the bar as it’s wrested away from its kin. Music is a plus (I recommend Thievery Corporation).

Snap that solitary bar into half, and put one piece into your mouth. Don’t indulge yet…Tilt your head upwards…Slowly, let the coffee trickle into your mouth…Don’t bite down! Let the heat slowly melt down the powers that be, focus on the sensation of the chocolate crumbling. The flavor of the heated ambrosia cascades down your mouth, rapidly increasing your tonguebeat, shutting down your surroundings. Your pleasure centres erupt.