Flaccid Brands: The Coolidge effect


The Coolidge effect is a biological phenomenon whereby males display a greater libido and rate of sexual performance given the introduction of new sexually receptive females. That is, although the male will not be physically able to re-mate with the current female, ‘things’ will start to happen if another female saunters in.

I wonder if this relates to our experiences with brands as well. We are unable to respond to copycat products, clichéd slogans, flaccid campaigns…There’s just no go.

Consumers need novelty. So brandcrafters, instead of spouting nonsense about ‘redefining luxury’ and ‘timeless elegance’, let’s make the brand come alive through a comprehensive brand experience. Scrap those repetitive TV commercials and instead promote vivid in-store simulations. Try crowdsourcing your product design to gain inspiration from your target market. And if all else fails, throw two tennis superstars on the helipad of a seven-star hotel and get clicking.

Raise the stakes, and you will raise the responses. In all senses.


4 responses to “Flaccid Brands: The Coolidge effect

  1. When you say Raise the stakes, you will raise the responses , does it imply the money factor or the dare to be different / bold concept.

    Any suggestions on how to do this for a SME that does not have the funds to put superstars on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab ?

    • I was referring more to the boldness factor. Sure, it takes money to do what the Burj did, but the idea was spectacular. Wealth bereft of imagination might make some temporary noise, but no long-lasting impact. Uzzy-think about it… Fed and Agassi playing there- that’s the most amazing symbol of wealth I’ve come across!

      For the SMEs that you mentioned, the focus would have to be more on the unique service provided. If you can’t be the biggest, you have to strive to be the one that consistently surprises clients by over-delivering. If your services are doing this, the marketing campaign can be pretty cool. Example below:

      I checked out your Riazu site. There seem to be 4-5 types of main customers that would use it: business executives looking for suppliers, small businesses looking for a cheap way to list their products, consumers looking for products/services, new entrepreneurs who want to assess the market/scan the competition etc.

      Why not create four personal profiles and create a human face for these 4 types of customers? Give them a rich back story, and unique problems that they can solve with the help of Riazu. Consider Daniel Khoury, a Lebanese entreprenur fresh out of college. Animate him, give him an accent/catchphrases etc and create a fictional business for him. Then make him use Riazu!

      Let me know what you think, good luck with empowering the grassroots:)

  2. love it- permission to steal?

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