Bombay Burning- 3rd Update & Photo Essay


Heartfelt thanks to Alan Taylor@The Big Picture for compiling this photo essay depicting the Mumbai terrorist attacks that began on the 26th of November, 2008 and in some ways will continue for a long time . It hurts, but it’s important.

Also wanted to give you the latest headlines from Mumbai. Catch NDTV or IBN to know more.

  • The last terrorist inside the Taj has been shot and killed. All hostages and guests have been evacuated.
  • Involvement of Pakistan-based group Lashkar-e-Taiba strongly suspected
  • Casualty count: 195 dead, 350+injured

2 responses to “Bombay Burning- 3rd Update & Photo Essay

  1. The photo essay was hard to digest. But as you say, it was important. Here’s an article i found from your guru, Mr. Mehta:

  2. Thanks for the article dude, lots of Max. City stuff in it. It is a little idealistic to believe that people will go about without fear to places that were recently blown apart, but perhaps idealism is what we need at a time like this.

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