Burj Dubai Base Jump- ‘Un moment de liberté total’

You know a building is hot when a mad Frenchman and a loony Brit decide to jump off it!!! This is a clip from May 2008, when Robin Schmidt & Jan Bednarz snuck into the Burj Dubai (650m tall then, 800m now) and performed the first-ever (and still the only) base jump, setting a new world record for the highest jump.

This clip is a synergy of several passions of mine: Dubai, languages, skydiving (close enough!), heights. The jump itself is pure adrenaline. The rapport between the two jumpers seems so chill, they are totally at ease with each other although they barely speak in the same language (Eng + Fre). The Frenchie, Herves, is so calm; his description of the jump and his conduct afterward are really inspiring.

P.S.: Herves DID get caught when he attempted this a second time. He was fined and booted back to France 🙂


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